A Wine Club* for New Wine Drinkers

In marketing speak, the fastest growing wine drinking demographic is millennials. Roughly speaking, adults in their twenties, who by nature of their age have not had a lot of time to experience different types of wine or wine regions to determine their preferences. For most older wine drinkers, we started with cheap and sweet and moved on from there via trial and error. Now there appears to be a better way to identify your taste preferences without buying a lot of wine you don’t like. Remember Boone’s Farm?

I was researching a story on the proliferation of wine clubs and whether or not they were worth the money and stumbled upon tastingroom.com, a wine club that allows you to sample various wines before you buy. Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

1 – You sign up online and receive a tasting kit shortly thereafter with six small bottles of wine to taste and rate.

2 – Based on your online ratings, a computerized tool creates your wine profile, that identifies the varietals and types of wine you like, where they come from and what food pairs best with them.

3 – Within weeks you start receiving quarterly shipments of wine that reflect your wine preferences. You can continue to modify your wine profile based on the wines you receive. Updated preferences to your profile are reflected in future shipments. If you ever receive a wine don’t like, just update your profile and ask for a credit or replacement online – no questions asked.

To my knowledge, it’s the only wine club that allows you to try before you buy and allows specific input into the types of wine sent in your wine club shipments. The computerized wine profile may seem a little hokey, but it should save you from some wine you absolutely detest and fast track you to the discovery of wines, varietals and regions you will really enjoy.

After $9.95 for the Tasting Kit, pricing is $149 quarterly (comparable to other clubs) for a case of 12 bottles (plus $19.95 shipping) or $600 per year for 48 bottles ($12.50 each). Not a bad way to get started discovering the wide world of wine. There’s no minimum contract. You can cancel at any time and I could find no complaints or unhappy customers with a quick Google search. For more information go to tastingroom.com.

* DISCLAIMER – This is not a paid endorsement. All information in the story was gleaned from other online articles, information and the tastingroom.com website and is solely the opinion of winecraze.com.

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Jack enjoys wine and visiting wineries whenever he can and wherever he is. If you read any of his posts, it's obvious he has no formal training in wine appreciation or viticulture. Despite numerous tasting experiences guided by experts, he still struggles to taste the appropriate notes of "vanilla and huckleberry" in his cabernet sauvignon. It is still a journey he enjoys.

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