chrisjack_headshotOver the years, my wife Teresa and I looked forward to visiting wine country. We really enjoyed taking in the beautiful landscapes, the winery shopping experiences, the warm and gracious people and of course, the wine.

Shortly after visiting one year, an idea was hatched to create a dynamic website that would feature the best of what wine country had to offer. A site that would highlight interesting wineries and wine regions all across the country and eventually across the globe. A site that could help people plan future trips to wine country or explore new wineries and discover exceptional new wines, even if they never left home. Video would play an integral role. The work-in-progress effort known as “WineCraze” is the result.

While all our featured wineries make excellent wine, that’s only a small part of the experience for visitors. It’s the beauty of the area, the philosophy of the winemaker, the hospitality of the winery’s people, the winery’s facilities and amenities that create the total experience and on the best days, help you make life-long memories.

We plan to keep adding to our list of what we call “destination wineries” in the weeks and months ahead. Please take a look and tell us what you think. We’d appreciate your feedback.

One more thing… you can feel free to share your experiences, photos and videos on WineCraze, too. Just go to either the Grapevine Forum or the individual winery pages to add your opinions and share the fun.

Are you a destination winery that we’ve overlooked? In that case you are welcome to have your own WineCraze page with lots of feature-rich content. It’s easy! Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you all the details. While basic listings are always free, you can also sign up for Gold or Silver WineCraze membership, too.

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